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How Much To Tip While Playing Slots

I recommend tipping what you would normally feel comfortable giving at a normal service bar. When I order a bottle of beer or a whisky, I usually give a dollar or two per drink. In Vegas Casinos, you get free drinks while you’re playing. The. SLOT TIPS: THE DO'S Higher denomination slots have higher payback percentages Make sure you bet enough to be eligible for the jackpots Choose games that fit your goals and playing personality Always play within your budget Start small to win big, or “prime the pump” Play machines at the ends of rows.

A tip is supposed to be an added amount paid for good service or for service above and beyond the average. When you tip a beverage server, you are essentially giving a reward for prompt and courteous service for something you ORDERED. Sort of like tipping a waitress in a restaurant. With a slot win, you did not order anything.

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How Much To Tip While Playing Slots - Rowan Casino

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