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About Bella Hand Lettering

Hi! I am Bella, a local artist in the Portland area. I moved to the area in 2018 and started my business that July, before my freshman year. 

I have explored different mediums of art my whole life, and fell in love with typography in seventh grade. I have been lettering for six years and watercoloring for longer than I can remember. Since moving to Portland, my surroundings have been the inspiration for my art.  I take pictures of flowers and other aspects of the city which are represented in my cards. 

In the last four years, I have expanded my artwork from greeting cards to prints, stickers, magnets, pins, bookmarks, calendars, and canvases. My designs can also be found on my Red Bubble page, on mugs, notebooks, pillows, pen cases, shirts, masks, and more. 

My goal with my art is to empower people with quotes, make people laugh with my (and my father’s) puns, and bring a splash of color into people’s lives. 

I’m also very excited to share my art locally by teaching classes for my senior project this year. I love teaching hand lettering, and can say definitively that no matter the person’s handwriting or dominant hand, this is a quick and satisfying skill to learn. 

I hope my art will brighten your day and spread that joy to others! 

Best wishes, Bella 

Thank you for your support!

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